Song Hee Ra (onetruemei) wrote in kyu_min,
Song Hee Ra

Fic exchange entries and other updates!

Joyful copy

The fic exchange entries are already uploaded!

Fic entry #1: HERE
Fic entry #2: HERE
Fic entry #3: HERE
Fic entry #4: HERE
Fic entry #5: HERE

I decided to not make this a competition (since this is originally an exchange event and we have another contest this year), but you can still comment on the fics that you liked! The fic with the most comments will still be given the prize as stated before, but of course, it will all be for good fun! ^^

Thank you for participating and anticipating our fic exchange entries! ^_^v

♛   ♛   ♛
fic contest copy

As for the PEARL contest, if you guys didn't know, the deadline has been extended to JANUARY 10, 2014.
This provides an ample time so you can still work on your fics and submit! Especially those who was limited by the previous holiday's events and travels. ^^ You can send it to
We hope to see your entries soon~!
Mei xx
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