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Spicy Pepper Incident / part A

main pairing: Kyumin
genre: AU romance, a bit of comedy, smut
type: one shot split in two parts A & B
rating: PG13 this part
disclaimer: i don't own them , the plot is mine
summary: It's an one shot inspired by this incident:
"SuJu Spicy Pepper Incident
Shin DongYeop: I did a show with Super Junior.. and (we ate spicy peppers), I tried a little to see how it was and I was like ugh ugh!! and spat it out, but my mouth was swollen for an hour, couldn't do the broadcast. But what's so sad is.. I cannot say the member's name but.. he forgot and went to the bathroom.. after touching the peppers.. and so, suddenly... chaos happened, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

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"Turn off that damned tv for a few seconds! I have something important to tell you, then you can go back drooling at your fucking idol!", yelled Sungmin at his boyfriend in an angry voice.

"Wait just five minutes more and the interview transmission will be over!", yelled back the other boy , getting up from the couch and pushing Sungmin away from the front of the tv screen where he propped himself with his hands in his shoulders.

Sungmin grabbed the tv remote from the coffee table and pressed it on the OFF button, much to his boyfriend's dismay:
"I give you one more last chance! Choose: ME or five more minutes watching that fucking bastard! I am warning you, if you take the remote from my hand, it will be the last time you will see me, i had enough from your sick obsession with Cho Kyuhyun!"

"There are only five minutes! After that we can do what ever you want...", whispered the boy, taking Sungmin's hand and kissing the back of his palm, only for trying to avert his attention while he was extracting the remote from his other hand.

"That's it! You made your choice, i'm leaving you!"

His former boyfriend didn't even bother to ran after him when he went out from his apartment, slamming furiously the front door!

Sungmin hates Cho Kyuhyun from the bottom of his heart!
Yes, he admits he is a great singer with an enchanting voice, handsome face and sexy body, too!
But he hates the fucktard! He is famous not as a great singer, but as an irresistible seducer who abandons his preys, right next morning after fucking them. He hates the bastard for breaking thousands of hearts...Why had his boyfriend to be between those thousands?

His boyfriend was a caring and loving man, this till a coworker sold him two concert tickets. Sungmin was busy with his university final exams at that time, so his boyfriend went alone, and...fell in love with the singer from the stage! A sick love, in Sungmin's opinion! He was updated with everything related to Cho Kyuhyun, spending all his free time with his obsession, and totally neglecting Sungmin.

His university fellows organized an outgoing for celebrating the exams ending.
They agreed to meet later in the evening and eat at a small tent restaurant where the food was tasty and cheep, besides one from the student's uncle was the owner.

Less knew Sungmin that they were serving there only spicy dishes, for which he was not at all a fan, but what could he do? He complied to the majority.

He was really hungry and the food smelt so appetizing, that he couldn't bear not to grab a beef skewer from the steamy pot placed in the middle of the table.

He took a big bite, the red sauce smearing his cheeks, and...BURNING the inside of his mouth...It was so spicy, that big tears began to roll down from his eyes, mixing with the sauce from his cheeks, and converting his face into a sad kabuki mask.

When his loud hiccups got the owner's attention, he hurried to give him a bottle of cooling soda.

Sungmin uncapped quickly the bottle and gulped the contain in one go.

"Don't throw away the bottle cap, at least not before checking it out! It might be the winner cap, never know!", jumped the uncle to collect the cap from the red sauce remained in Sungmin's plate.

"What are you talking about uncle?", asked the owner's nephew.

"This brand of soda is having a promotion together with a spicy pepper sauce producer. All you need is to find the soda cap with the letters CK inlaid inside, and you are the winner.", said the ajhushi, laughing when all the students ordered two sodas for each.

"Okay, my daughter will bring your sodas in a minute, i'm going first to wash away the sauce from this cute boy's soda cap.", said the man, taking a kitchen towel from the pocket of his apron and wiping Sungmin's cheeks like cleaning a kid's face.
He even told Sungmin to blow his nose into the towel.

The girl was just placing the sodas in front of each from the clients, when the ajhushi startled everybody with his loud scream coming from the kitchen:
"Thank you God for happening in my restaurant! I must change the name , should i call it THE LUCKY SPICY SKEWER?"

Then he barged between the tables, stumbling on chairs, and smacking Sungmin's cheeks with two loud pecks:
"Thank you cutie, now my business will bloom, the clients will be triple as now, everybody will wish to eat at the lucky restaurant where it was sold the winner soda!
I need to call the soda distributor to announce them, oh my God, i'm so happy!", then he disappeared in the kitchen, leaving everybody extremely confused, especially Sungmin.

The man's nephew followed him in the kitchen, and after few minutes he came out screaming:
"Sungminnie, you lucky,lucky bastard! Your soda cap has the letters inside! You won ten millions won!"

"Wha...wha...what?", stammered Sungmin, almost biting his own tongue when he was pulled up from the chair and his body thrown in the air by the arms of his friends.

"Here is your cap, take care of it!
Put him down and better help him to make himself presentable! And you, nephew, give me some help to clean the place.The agents of the two companies will be here any time with the reporters! Oh, my, we'll gonna be famous!"

"Reporters?", echoed Sungmin the uncle's words, not snapping yet out from his shock.

"Yes, kid, you and my business will be on national news! They said they will come in a few minutes for shooting an interview with the winner. I suggest you to be attention, not to say in any way that you don't love eating spicy food, after all you will get the money from a company who produces a spicy pepper sauce."

"Those letters CK, mean the company name?", asked Sungmin, letting himself settled on a chair by two girls from the group, who began to put make up on his face, even though he tried to protest.

"I have no idea what's the meaning of those letters, because none from the two companies's names are related to CK letters, but i suppose we will find out from the agents, who btw are already here!", said the uncle, hurrying to the three cars arrived in front of the tent restaurant.

And Sungmin found out all right the answer at his question: the money prize was coming together with an amazing bonus, as the company agent told him excitedly.

Sungmin almost fainted at the agent's words:"The money will be given cash to the winner by the famous star Cho Kyuhyun, after the winner will take dinner at the star's mansion, a spicy sauced dinner, of course!"

Few hours earlier:

//After Sungmin slammed the door of his from now on ex boyfriend's apartment behind him, he intended to climb his bicycle and leave the place for all.

"This is just great! Now my bike is gone, too, not only my boyfriend! Fuck! I have no money for a cab,and there is no bus or subway for that address my friends gave me, i'm gonna be late from the meeting, fuck! ", swore Sungmin between his gritting teeth, when he ascertained that his bike was stolen.

His blood rushed instantly to his head when his eyes hooked on a huge street banner aside the sidewalk he was walking
He stopped in front of the banner, staring at the sexy bastard posing carefree like he had nothing to do with Sungmin's whole misery! //

At the same hour, another character:

// "Thanks God, today i had only the interview scheduled!", murmured for himself, Kyuhyun who was yawning and cracking his neck in exhaustion, while driving home.

He pulled over for answering a phone call, when his view was caught by a scene from across the street:
"Damned these kids today! I wonder what is spinning in their minds when they vandalize the public property like that!
But, wait! Is it me in that banner?
He must be a crazy antifan or a furious supporter of my ex-es!
Nothing, just a teenager destroying a street banner and jumping his feet on it like a crazy child. Funny thing is the banner is displaying my picture! Don't worry, he is just an angry kid!", laughed the singer, calming down his manager who was worried on the phone, and advising him to not involve in any kind and to just drive away from there.

But of course Kyuhyun didn't listen to his manager, the kid made him curious about his reasons to hate him so badly that he risked to be caught by police and be fined, or even worst.

He shuffled his body on the pasanger's seat and opened the car door, yelling at the jumping kid:
"Hey kid, watch out not to be caught by police, your parents will not be happy to pay the fine for your vandalism!"

"Mind your own business, ajhushi!", yelled back the boy, but stopping from his jumping when he looked towards the car from where Kyuhyun was half inside and with a leg outside,waiting for a more leisured cars traffic to cross the street.

"So, what are you gonna do, will you call the police, mr big shot Cho Kyuhyun? And don't call me kid, you're actually my dongsaeng!", spitted the boy his words in an angry tone, propping cockily his hands on his hips .

"Whaat? How old are you boy, anyway? I see you know a lot about me, are you an ex fan who got angry with me because of some reasons? I would like to apologize for hurting your feelings, whatever i did it happened without my intention! Maybe you would like to tell me in what way i upset you.
And it would be more proper to tell me your name, because you already know mine.", smiled Kyuhyun, drinking in the beautiful creature in front of him, from the top of his head to the tip of his shoes, pausing for a long time at every curve of his sexy body.

"Don't call me boy, either, i already said i am two years older than you!
I have my reasons for knowing a lot about you, anyways not for the reason you would think, i am not your fan and never was!
As for my name, why do you even care? Anyways i inform you that if you intend to call the police, i will run away, and you will be the foul when the police will arrive. I am good at speed running!"

"Aren't you a cutiepie? Of course i have no intention to call any police, but still i would like to know your name, just because...i like you!", flashed Kyuhyun a giant grin and stretched a hand for pulling his fingers through the boy's black hair.

"Bad for you, mister Cho, i don't like you! At all! As a matter of fact, i hate you!
You are the root of everything happening bad in my life, especially today! And don't touch me! Your charm doesn't work on me like over your tones of victims!", screamed hysterically the black haired boy, slapping Kyuhyun's hand away.

But Kyuhyun didn't give up, he stretched again his hand and ran lightly the back of his fingers over the boy's flustered cheek.

"No wonder i mistook you with a kid, your skin is so soft, i bet your lips are even softer. And your body is really a work of art, enough for...", Kyuhyun said, in a low voice, his words hanging in the air.

Sungmin coughed awkwardly, swinging his weight from a leg to another and trying hard to ignore the dark stare piercing his eyes,and his heart, as well.

The bastard looks so damned sexy, dressed in those tight black jeans matched with the black leather jacket, hugging perfectly his lean muscles.
Not talking anymore about those piercing,big, bug eyes and that seducing smirk from the corner of his appetizing lips...Lee Sungmin, what a hell is wrong with you?!

"You will never be able to seduce me like you did to my boyfriend! No, to my ex boyfriend!", yelled Sungmin, without thinking about what he was saying loud.

"Now i understand, hmmm...once again i apologize for causing trouble in your relationship, but who knows? Maybe it will be confirmed later that it was good for you to break up with your boyfriend! So, BOYFRIEND, huh?"

"Yes, get a problem about that?"

"Not at all, i thought you know that much about me that i would be the last person having a problem with sexuality.", laughed Kyuhyun, taking the other's hand in his and drawing small patterns in his palm with the tip of his thumb.

"Yes my ex told me how you fucked girls, boys, no mattered to you. Besides, he showed me your snl-s status "HUMP & DUMP!"
I said don't touch me!", pulled Sungmin his hand away from the devil's temptation, and checking out his wristwatch with worried face.

"Are you late from somewhere?
I could give you a ride, if you want. This way i would make up to you for stealing your time.", said Kyuhyun, withdrawing his hands, for not upsetting the boy, more then he already was.

"Yes, right! Alone with you in your car! You will never get to hump and dump me!"

"Chill down, cutie! I am not a pedo, to hit on innocent kids.
Now tell me where do you need to go, and let's go to the car!", laughed Kyuhyun, pinching the annoyed boy's cheek and placing his hand on the small of his back, for guiding him to the car.

Sungmin pulled in a breath through his teeth, but didn't protest anymore, after all he was already late:
"Nice car..."

"Glad it meets your standards.", grinned Kyuhyun, opening the passenger door for the emotional boy, but blocking him from getting inside.

Sungmin trembled slightly at the two fingers stretching the corners of his mouth:
"I want to see you smiling, i bet your smile is as much as amazing, just like these unique lips of yours..."

When Kyuhyun lent closer and dragged his fingers along Sungmin's neck, his pulse went wild and his breath stopped.

"Why are you scared?", whispered Kyuhyun, moistening Sungmin's sensitive ear with his humid and hot breath.

"I'm not! Don't you see i'm smiling? And don't you see the "FUCK YOU" from my smile?", managed Sungmin to compose himself.

A sexy, low laughter tickled Sungmin's heart:
"Ha, ha, get in the car! I like you even more! I find it sexy when someone can handle my attitude and my smart ass mouth, instead of running away."//


Sungmin doesn't know anymore how to feel , relieved or anxious.

The big day was here! Today he will receive the money, and will take dinner with the bastard, after a whole week of interviews, papers signed with the two companies, and his ex's countless phone calls ans texts.
Sungmin wasn't a fool to think that his former boyfriend was calling him because he was missing him or wanted to make up, he knew that his only reason was because he might have seen one from Sungmin's many interviews. What an irony: your ex boyfriend taking dinner with your idol whom you are in love with!

But, what is bothering Sungmin the most is that he couldn't stop himself, even though he tried hard, from watching Cho Kyuhyun's concerts online, or searching for any information related to him...damned Cho Kyuhyun! You made Sungmin to stare at your pictures long minutes in a row, exactly like his ex boyfriend used to do!

The soda company's car took him from home at the fixed hour.
The middle age agent measured him from head to toes, nodding satisfied at Sungmin's elegant suit, white shirt and black tie:
"You look perfect, mr Lee. All you need is just a bit of eyeliner, our make up stylist is ready to take care about it, in rest you are flawless! Having you together with mr Cho in the CF, will be a big hit for both our companies! I'm glad you were the one who won the big prize! And i'm very curious what will mr Cho say when you will meet you in person, because he was shocked and speechless when we showed him the first interview with you. Didn't understand why, because he said nothing, just exited the room.

Sungmin didn't tell anyone that he met the singer, before, and it looks like the star didn't say anything, either.
That's good, at least he will have a cover for acting like two strangers, and not to feel embarrassed and stressed about the way he opened hastily the car door and ran like a scared bunny, after that bastard dared to kiss him on the lips. ON THE LIPS! And it felt damned it never felt when his ex kissed him...

The car parked in the yard of a mansion with number 137 on front of it.
It was nothing what Sungmin expected for, it was just a simple house, not poor, but not luxurious either, at least seen from outside.

While the filming crew was carrying the equipment inside, Sungmin walked around, trying to calm down his strong emotion.

A weird ninja cat was climbed up like spiderman on the front wall above the house number, but he soon understood the cat when an even weirder dog startled him with his barking and jumping on the wall, in his trying to get to the cat.

The dog was so frustrated for not being able to reach at the cat, that he began to bit his own leg, while chasing Sungmin, who was now scared for real. What if the dog was rabid, or something! He looks and acts strange, though!

"Micheo, down, girl! That's enough, Micheo! Leave him alone, he is my guest!", heard Sungmin the well known voice of the dog's owner.

"Strange name for a strange dog!", sighed Sungmin in relief when the dog stopped at mr Cho's feet, but still throwing threatening glances towards him and towards the wall where the poor cat was still plastered.

"Yes, i call her Micheo, because she is indeed a crazy bitch, i mean she is a female dog, a crazy female dog.
An ex sent her to me, i suppose she did it for taking revenge on me, but i felt pity on the dog and didn't send her to a shelter, even though she and my cat are in a never ending war."

"You should call down the poor kitty, her claws must be hurt by now, from the long time she was hanging there. What's her name?", smiled Sungmin, walking towards the wall where the kitty was waiting for the owner to protect her from the crazy Micheo.

"Micheo, i said down, girl! Elf, come down, you're safe now!", called Kyuhyun the kitty stretching his arms for catching the cat in case she will jump down and not climbing down the wall.

"So, Elf is your name, kitty, my name is Lee Sungmin, nice to meet you kitty, and nice to meet you, too mr Cho Kyuhyun! I brought for you a small present, being for the first time in your house, and knowing you like chocolate sweets", smiled Sungmin, caressing the cat's fur with a hand and handing to the singer with the other hand a box of chocolate bonbons.

"Oh, how romantic, a heart shaped box. Did you think a lot about me this week?", smiled back the star.

"Yes, a lot! I even touched myself while thinking of you!"

"Really?!",asked Kyuhyun shocked by the other's surprising statement.

"Oh, yeah, i always rubbed my temples, because having a headache when ever i thought of you! Please open the box, i want to see if you like this kind of bonbons!", grinned Sungmin, proud of his reply.

Kyuhyun's head jerked back from the hard laughter he had after opening the box: every each bonbon was half eaten and placed beautifully back in their place.

"Everything is prepared, you can come inside!", called them the director of the film they were about to shoot.

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