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Jeju Trip

main pairing: Kyumin
side characters: Saeun
genre: romance, fluff, a bit of angst, smut
type: one shot
rating: NC 17
disclaimer: i don't own them , the plot is mine
summary: It's an one shot inspired by Kyuhyun's and Saeun's blogs updates from 150323, from which we could conclude that Sungmin, Saeun and Kyuhyun were all three of them in Jeju Island at that time.
warning: remember that this is a fictional story, not a documentary, so if you are Saeun's fan for example, don't feel offended or something. This is a Kyumin fiction!

After he took the farewell dinner with Shindong and the members, Sungmin sped home, knowing that his wife remained at home very pissed off when he left.

// "Why do you not take me with you? You are not alone anymore, we are an item, and they get to use with us together!"

"I already told you, Shaun.You will not even like to be there, it's not a pleasant view for a lady's eyes some guys drinking and laughing at stupid jokes.
I will be home in a blink of an eye, they are all tired and some from them have schedules tomorrow, so the meeting will be not too long. If it wouldn't be the last meeting with Shindong, i wouldn't go, but i really want to take good bye from my dear friend."

"Yeah, yeah, you use Shindong as an alibi, when both of us know that all you want is to see and meet HIM! Even though you promised me! You promised me, yeobo! Always him, everything about him, only him in your mind and your fucking heart!"

"What are you talking about? I didn't even said his name , not even once! I even ask the hotel receipt from the manager every time we performed aboard as an evidence that i shared the room with Ryeong, not with anybody else, what do you want from me, anymore?
Shaun, i married you, not him, didn't i? I'm getting tired of your endlessly, crazy jealousy!"

"Come on, do you think i didn't see your longing eyes when you watched the Taiwan sushow online, and your tears you tried to hide from me when you saw the pictures with HIM lonely and in pain? You know very well i'm not a stupid woman.
And i am not jealous, i am just territorial. You are jealous when you want something what is not yours. Territorial is protecting what's already yours...and you, mr Lee, you are mine, not his!
Get it? YOU ARE MINE AND MINE ONLY!", burst the woman in angry tears.//

Sungmin hurried to the living room from where it was heard his wife's voice. He knows that all she said in their little fight it was true, that's why he will try to make peace with his guilt and tell her about the surprise trip he prepared for them:
"Shaun, i have a surprise for you!"

But he stopped behind the door when he heard another woman voice besides Saeun's one. It was her friend, an actress who was often visiting them:
"I told you, Mimi, that Cho Kyuhyun will become a top star and you will regret that you gave up so easily to fight for him. So what if he turned you down when you hit on him for the first time? You were never the person to give up so easily! Look at him, he is everywhere, in musicals, in all the important music ranks with his solo album, and look at your pathetic husband, hated by his fans, ignored by his fellow members, i'm afraid that by the time he will be back from the army, he will be kicked out from Suju, too.
So what was your point to insist like that for marrying this looser?"

"Oh, shut up, you know nothing! Everything is going according to my plans! Well, less the hate i got for myself, but look at me, i don't give a shit about my haters, as long as i got my satisfaction.
Revenge is so sweet, baby!"

"What do you mean, what revenge?"

"When that arrogant bastard rejected me, i told him he will regret for his whole life, because i will stab him where it hurts him the most, his heart. He laughed at me back then, but his laughter died soon on his lips when the love of his life announced him he is dating a woman and he intends to marry her. Ha, ha, ha, what an irony, your lover married to the woman you rejected and laughed at her!"

"Don't say that your husband and Cho were...I heard something, but i thought it was a part from their performance to act like a couple, fanservice is called i think...What do you want to say, that you married a gay man just to get revenge on his lover?
What about your sex life in this case?"

"The sex is quite good, i have no complains, actually. But...yes his body is with me, but i feel like his mind and his heart is somewhere else."

"Mimi, i want to ask you something, do you love him?"

"Who, Sungmin? Of course i love him, he is such a sweet and caring husband. He is handsome, sexy, beautiful, talented, why should i not love him? The only problem is that he is still in love with somebody else, even though he tried hard not to."

"Hmmm, i suppose it's nothing you can do about that. At least you forgot about Cho and his rejection."

"No way! I will never forget his arrogant laughter! I will make him pay many years to come!"

Sungmin tried hard to refrain himself from interfering in the two women's conversation, so he tiptoed to the small studio room where he likes sometimes to spend time only by himself.
He will never feel guilty again towards his wife, she is with nothing better than him, who is permanently cheating on her in his imagination and in his heart.

He worked a bit at his computer and made a few reservation changes for the surprise trip.
It was planned a trip to Busan, where he proposed his wife, but now he changed his mind for Jeju.
Kyuhyun left earlier from the farewell dinner, and he found out from Shindong that the maknae had to catch the flight for Jeju.

After the guest left their house, Sungmin announced his wife to pack and take a rest, because they will take a flight at an early hour in the morning:
"Shaun, i prepared a surprise trip to Jeju, now before enlistment!
I want and need to take good bye, i need a romantic and hot, in the same time, good bye, which about i could remember and think for the next two years."

"You need a romantic and hot good bye from me?", meowed the woman, rubbing allusively her butt against his clothed crotch.

"Yes, from you, from whom else? Now let's go to take some rest, we have only few hours of sleep", grinned Sungmin, pushing her away gently and heading to the bedroom.

Sungmin couldn't find a free hotel room, but the small bungalow he booked up for two days, was pretty nice and cozy.
In the evening they were dead tired after spending the first day on Jeju island walking, visiting and taking lots of pictures.
When Sungmin got out from the shower, he found his wife frowning at the laptop screen and typing frantically:
"What are you doing? I hope you don't update again your sns with who knows what and complain after that about hateful comments.

"I never did something wrong, the haters will gonna hate, and who loves me will love me, no matter what!"

"Do you think it was wise to say on a national channel that we are one body, even though people are aware we are married and we obviously have sex?"

"Why shouldn't be wise? Let me remind you that we are both christians, and in 1 Corinthians 7:3-5, God says that husbands and wives should not withhold their bodies from each other. Sexual intimacy is a mutually-shared endeavor, and orgasms were designed by God!"

"Amen! Many things were designed by God and your holly christians don't accept them.", replied Sungmin bitterly.

"You are thinking again at him, and at your damned forbidden love, don't you?
Speaking of him, look, he updated his blog, and he is here in Jeju! Did you say to him that we are here and he is planning to ruin our vacation?"

"Kyuhyunnie is not the evil character some from you think, he is a too sweet, pure and innocent person for trying to hurt somebody, even you.", smiled Sungmin at the images from the screen showed to him by his angry wife.

"Those crazy bitches, fans of yours and his, need to know you are with me here on Jeju, not with him, and you are very much in love and happy together with your beautiful and cute wife!", greeted her teeth the woman, while updating her facebook.

"I'm going out to buy some juice, do you want me something to buy for you?",sighed Sungmin, giving up to convince her for not provoking again his antifans. He knew it was useless, he tried too many times with no avail.

"Buy some wine! I want to drink wine with you in a dim light and with slow music.
We are the wine couple, not you and him!"

She took advantage by Sungmin's absence and messaged her rival:
"Why did you follow us? Do you think i will let him meet you? Didn't i tell you that i'll make you pay and you will suffer for the rest of your life? He is 100 times happier with me like he was ever with you in all those shitty 7 years you took advantage by him, you arrogant bastard! You stole his singer position in SuJu when you joined the band, you seduced him and attracted him in your sinful gay world! As his father said, he met me at the right time to save him from your bad influence, i hate you so much!"

"You again? What a hell are you talking about, where did i follow you? I am not even in Seoul, i don't know what you want from me!", was the reply.

"You know very well what i am talking about, we came here in Jeju for spending romantic and hot times before enlistment, and you quickly came after us, but you will not meet him, get it?!"

"Look, i don't want to offend you but i was taught by my parents to never argue with an idiot! So let's play the shut a fuck up go first!"
Kyuhyun was never disrespectful towards the female kind, and never spoke to Sungmin's wife like that, but what is enough is enough! She is always messaging or calling him and throws her hate over him. What does she wants now, it was nothing remained to steal from him, she took everything from him, she took his life away!

"Shaun, don't drink so much and so fast! Wine needs to be savored, not gulped like this!", tried Sungmin to stem the already dead drunk woman.

"He lost you...hicc! He lost everything! Noooow, you're miiiine! Evting miiiine!", yelled the drunkard, pouring the red liquid over her blouse while trying to find her mouth.

"Come Shaun, let's put you to sleep! I don't know anymore what to feel about you.", whispered Sungmin while dressing her with the pajamas. "It was a time when i felt so much guilt for not being able to love you like i still love him, but not anymore. Don't get me wrong, i don't hate you or feel any disgust or anything about your evil plan. I feel only must be horrible to feel so regretful about choosing a looser to be your husband, it must be horrible to feel so insecure about that looser husband's love for you, it must be horrible to fight with all the hate you get. I'm sorry, Shaun, for all that, and i'm sorry Shaun for what i'm gonna do next! I'm sorry, but i need to take good bye from him before going away for two long years.
I just can't lie my heart anymore, i desperately need him and love him!"

Sungmin was still mumbling apologizes, under the helmet, while driving the rented scooter to the beach he was sure he will find his former lover.
It was the beach where they had their last getaway before breaking up two years ago.

And he wasn't wrong: he recognized the lean silhouette, walking along the oozy shore accompanied only by few lonely seagulls.

Kyuhyun was so immersed in his inner thoughts that he didn't even hear the running steps approaching him. He flinched startled when his walking was blocked by a pair of arms slid under his own arms from behind...what a?!

But he stopped wondering when the warmness of the cheek glued by his back and the hotness of the erratic breathing penetrated the thick fabric of his hoodie, burning his skin along with his heart:
"How the hell did you get here?"

"Kyu, why didn't you tell me the truth?"

"What truth did you not know about? Did you come here only for telling you again that i regretted every single minute of my fucked up life that i broke up with you back then for the so-called both our sake? Do you want me to tell you again the truth that i never got over you, even if i tried so hard? Do you enjoy so much to listen all this shit, that you even followed me here on Jeju?", said Kyuhyun with a light tint of anger in his voice, clenching his fists inside his pockets and keep walking.

Sungmin surrounded him and stopped him from walking, propping himself in front of him and grabbing his cold cheeks in his palms:
"No, Kyu, i want you to tell me why did you hide from me that Shaun's first target was you, why didn't you tell me that she threatened you for hurting your heart, i want you to tell me why did you let me to fall in her trap, to the extend of marrying her?"

Kyuhyun removed gently the other's hand from his face and began to walk again:
"Why would i have done something like that, when you fought with everybody, the members, the company, even with your family, for your big love? It's what you've said to all of them that you finally found a good person, that she is the ONE!
Who was i to ruin that for your perfect life?"

"Who were you? Did i ever tell you that i am deeply in love with her, like i told you so many times that i am in love with you? Did you do something to stop me, when i asked you if you have something to say to me before proposing her? Do you know how much i wanted you to stop me, one word, Kyu, one word would have been enough for me...but you never said that simple STAY i yearned so much to hear!"

"What's going on, Min? Why all this, now when everything is too late anyway?"

"I needed to take good bye from you, before not being able to see you, to touch you, for two years..i missed you so much, i miss you every day, every moment of my life!"

"Shut up please! Min, don't ever tell me that you miss me, with her spit on your tongue!"

"Don't you miss me, too, not even a bit?", ignored Sungmin the other's bitter words, tightening his arms around his waist, burring his nose in his chest and inhaling deeply in his so-missed scent.

"Yes, i miss you, but i miss the old you! This new you sucks!", couldn't refrain Kyuhyun from laughing softly and pecked lovingly the short hair crown of his beloved soon to be soldier and so missed former lover.

"I know we as human beings, and especially as idols, can't be loved by everybody, haters are inevitable. But everyone who knew you at all, say that you became a person they no longer recognize and that your life partner took you away from the values people know they were once important to you. Maybe you should be concerned about this! I suppose that you want to be the best version of yourself for her, but trust me, your authentic self is thousand times better than this changed Lee Sungmin!
But, now seriously, why did you come here, and where is your lovely wife?"

"I told you, i need to take good bye from you, i need you to hold me for the last time, i need...And don't worry about Shaun, she is sleeping dead drunk."

"What, did you get her drunk on purpose to cheat on her by her back? I don't know about you, but i have no intention to become a home wrecker! Even though i am not crazy about her, i will not have a date with her husband behind her back, and i will not convert you into a cheater.So, you should go back to her!"

"No, Kyu, i didn't get her drunk, she was the one insisting to demonstrate that me and her are the wine couple. I always knew she is obsessed with you, but i thought it was only because of her jealousy over our past. I would never have thought she was obsessed by revenging thoughts.
Tell me how did she hit on you and why did you reject her?"

"What, are you jealous now on me because of her? Don't worry, she is in love with you not with me! It's just her hurt self-pride for being rejected so categorically like i did. But, as i already told you, she fell in love with you for real, i can tell that from the way she is trying to please you and to accomplish all your demands you said in the past for your future wife. For example you said you would like a wife who can act cute, so she is trying hard to pout cutely and to copy somehow your natural cuteness. Or you said you would like a wife who would share your hobbies like playing golf or archery, so she took golf classes only for pleasing you. You should appreciate all her efforts for making herself loved by you. And most important, you should go home to her right in this moment!"

"You see why i love you more than i love her? She is always talking shits about you, while you are so good to her, even though i know you two hate each other. Please, Kyu, don't send me away! Anyway i cheated on her hundreds times in my head and permanently in my heart. I never stopped from loving you, you are always in the back of my mind, even in my intimate moments with her. For me intimacy is not when i touch her or let her touching me. Intimacy is where my heart and my mind are every moment of the day, no matter how distracted i am by important life issues.
All i want from you is to spend together this night and watch the stars like we did when we've been here for the last time and we were still together and in love.
I saw a car there, i suppose it's the car you rented for coming to the beach.
Kyu,please let's climb to the roof of the car, lie down together and look to the stars! Let's whisper and laugh and kiss like we did back then! Let's forget the world we left to the ground, just for this night! One last night, Kyu, it's all i'm asking from you!", said Sungmin, his voice cracking at the last words and his hands kneading nervously Kyuhyun's hands which he gathered together like in an united prayer.

"It's pretty chilly for watching the stars. If you remember, it was on the summer time when we did that. But wait, i think i saw a sleeping bag in the trunk, maybe somebody who rented the car forgot it there.", said Kyuhyun, opening the trunk and unzipping the sleeping bag.

"Don't unzip it for all. We could crumple inside both of us, it will be warmer, it's really cold this damned wind, you're right.", replied Sungmin who was already climbed on top of the roof car and was trembling slightly.

Kyuhyun just sighed and took the hand Sungmin was reaching for helping him to climb up: he simply was not strong enough to reject him.

They stretched the piece of fabric and Kyuhyun lied on his back pulling Sungmin's back on top of him:
"This is the only way to get both of us inside,me and your fat ass! Now try to pull up the zipper and try not to crush me for all!", laughed Kyuhyun, imagining the other's pout, even though he was not seeing it.

"I am not fat and you're an idiot!", laughed Sungmin, too, lying on Kyuhyun's chest and struggling hard to zip up the sleeping bag from inside.

Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around his waist, entangled their legs together,and propped his chin on his crown:
"How i missed you calling me an idiot. I remember the times i said to you that i love you, your replying was never 'I love you, too', but you smiled and said 'You're an idiot!'It's the best confession i've ever received and ever wished for."

"Yes, it was my own way to confess, my way to say i love you, too. And i always meant it! I mean it now, too! I convinced myself that i am strong enough to get over you, but the truth is that i couldn't move on. I stopped talking to you, i tried to pull you out from my system, but in the end i always compared her with you, and missed you more then ever!

"I knew that i didn't stop from loving you when i started making excuses for the way you hurt me.
At least you are not alone, you have her. You have now the family you always wished for. Give it time, you will be happy eventually, especially after she will give you a child, you'll see!

"Kyu, please do me a favor. Let's not talking anymore about her, or anybody else. Let's pretend for this one night, we are back in the summer of 2012 and nothing from all these ever happened. Can you do this for me? Please, Kyu, i need a last memory to feed my soul with, for the next two years which i will not be able anymore to see you or feel you.", whispered Sungmin wrapping his palms over Kyuhyun's hands rested on his stomach, and enjoying the warmness irradiated through his clothes.

Kyuhyun just hummed and pecked the future soldier's spiky mop of hair, breathing strongly in his perfume.

They spent the next hour in a perfect silence, watching the clear sky and the cold, shinning stars.

Sungmin unzipped a bit from the bag for making room to shift his position and to look into the other's eyes:
"Kyu, can you do one more thing for me?"

"What? Do you feel uncomfortable?", asked Kyuhyun, turning both their bodies on a side and facing Sungmin's eyes sparkling in the moon light.

"Kyu, i'm gonna be shameless and ask you to kiss me...i yearned for your kisses from too long time, to feel any sort of shame or remorse."

Sungmin didn't give any time to Kyuhyun for thinking about an answer, that he already pressed eagerly their lips together, exhaling through his nostrils a vocal moan of relief. He needed this so badly!

The voice of reason was screaming loudly in Kyuhyun's brain to say a determined NO!
But the hard beats of his heart covered completely that loud voice, so his lips moved in sink with his heart beats, pouring all his frustration and the long time yearning in the way he was sucking and thrusting his teeth in the sweet flesh of Sungmin's plump lips, mumbling between the kisses:
"They say when is over, just leave and don't continue watering a dead flower!
But they forgot to say that when you love someone, even though they hurt you and break your heart,you still love them with all those broken, little pieces...i tried so hard to hate you!
So many times i cursed you for her to break your heart, and every time she would do that, you remember me!
Oh, my Minimin, i suppose i began to love to be hurt, because i see now, how much i missed your kisses, and your kisses are painful, yet so wonderful and addictive...

Sungmin pulled their bodies impossibly close,stamping red marks along the column of Kyuhyun's long neck and panting hard his words:
"She doesn't need to hurt me for remembering you. You are 24/7 in my mind, even when i sleep, i only dream about you. Besides, she could never break my heart, because my heart belongs only to you.
I'm sorry for breaking yours!"

Kyuhyun cupped his face in his palms and locked their eyes:
"Min, you don't need to apologize, it could have been me the first! We knew from the beginning that this will happen at some point. It was only by hazard to be you the first fulfilling the expectations. Remember that we talked about these things from the beginning of our love, it's just i never thought it will be so painful...And so hard to move on.
Somehow, i am happy you will be away for these two years, plus two years more of my enlistment after that.
Maybe four years will heal our souls injuries. Not being able to see each other for four long years will help us to forget each other..."

"It will never happen! I could never forget you, i don't even want to forget you!", yelled Sungmin switching their positions along with the sleeping bag and showering frantically his face with desperate kisses.

Their cocoon was rolled on the edge of the car roof, almost falling down, but who cared?

Sungmin was now on top of Kyuhyun, moaning at the hands sneaked under his sweater, kneading his back muscles, sliding slowly lower, inside his jeans.

He rolled, unwittingly, his hips when Kyuhyun's hands squeezed a big amount from the fluffy flesh of his buttocks.

The friction between their crotches was driving both of them crazy, it passed so much time, since...

"Kyu, i...mnnna...know i said i only want to hug, cuddle and kiss, but, but, but...."

Kyuhyun sucked hungrily his words, while trying to unzip blindly the sleeping bag:

"I know, i want you, too!
I don't care anymore about any common sense, i don't care about us converting in two sinful cheaters!
All i want now it's making love to you!
But, not here.
We could be seen, besides it's too cold, let's go to my place!"

Kyuhyun's hands were trembling uncontrollably on the wheel while trying hard to stay focused on the road.
Sungmin rested a hand on the driver's headrest and ran his fingers in the locks of soft, waved hair:
"Kyu, we will not convert into any kind of cheaters, anyways my mind and heart sinned and cheated non stop from the day i married her, and don't tell me you didn't sin by thinking and lusting for a married man, so we shouldn't feel worse now then in the past days."

"You were always such a convincingly talker.", smiled Kyuhyun, fishing out his cellphone.

"Whom are you calling?", asked Sungmin in a worried voice.

"Don't worry, i'm calling Song ahjushi for asking him to make a few preparations. He is a widower, lonely man with no kids or any relatives, owner of this small, cozy, one room bungalow. This bungalow is his only source of living, he even cooks for the guests, i madly love it here!"

And it was indeed lovely!
After Kyuhyun unlocked the front door, they entered the small hall with two doors, one guiding to the single room and the other to the bathroom. The room was lighted only from the brick fireplace's flames.
Kyuhyun smiled dearly at the big kid he loves so much, warming his hands at the flames dancing in the small fireplace,clapping and running around:
"I missed this happy kid from your old times! My heart was in pain watching your sad eyes and gloomy yourself."

The room was small, but with everything it was needed: a king size bed covered with fresh smelling, white cotton sheets, a closet built in the wall, a few chairs and a wooden table with plates of small sandwiches,home made cookies, fruits and a steamy pot.

"What's in this? It smells like cinnamon.", bent Sungmin and sniffed the steams coming from the pot.

"It's ahjushi's recipe, red wine boiled with a bit of sugar and cinnamon. I'm sure you will love it.
Drinking this liquor in front of the fireplace it's warming not only your stomach and feet, but your soul, too. That is what ahjushi said."

"He forgot to say to you the most important part from his recipe: it's important for the wine to be shared with a person you love. I love you! Kyu, please love me, too!
I suppose this will be our last, so let's evade from any sad reality, let's live in the Kyumin wonderland for this beautiful last night..."

Kyuhyun kissed away the other's hot tears wetting his rosy cheeks:
"I love you, too! Don't cry, my love. This night, even though it will be the last one, will be only about happiness, love and fate.
Yes, fate, and hope... who knows what could the future bring to us?
God saved my life once and brought me back into your arms, unknown are his plans for our future!"

"You're right, let's enjoy these moments of happiness and let's respect the recipe, help me to pull the bed and the table here in front of the fireplace!", smiled Sungmin, wiping his red eyes and composing himself.

Kyuhyun laid his one night stand lover on the bed and took out his socks:
"Your feet are ice cold, you'll see how good it will feel the fireplace warmness."

"Kyu, did you come here before?", asked Sungmin, trying to hide the jealousy from his voice.

"I missed my jealous baby, this is the first time, Ahra's fiance found this place and told me about it.", laughed Kyuhyun, pouring the hot wine in two cups.
He took out his socks, too, and climbed up the bed beside the man he dreamed about so many past nights , and giving him one from the wine cups:
"Careful, it's hot!"

"Are you talking about the wine or about the hot yourself?"

Kyuhyun propped his back against the bed headboard and pulled Sungmin's back in his arms, and his butt between his parted legs.
He kissed the crown of the head rested on his chest:
"I missed this cheesy little bastard, too."

"I missed to drink wine with you, i missed...i missed everything about you!", sighed Sungmin rubbing his already warmed up toes by Kyuhyun's feet, and sipping from the hot, red liquid.

"What it's so fascinating in watching fire flames? I could stay here and watch those amazing colors for hours. Especially with you in my arms.", whispered Kyuhyun, stretching his arm and placing both their already empty cups on the table.

His warmed lips from the boiled wine brushed lightly Sungmin's tilted neck, giving him shivers through his veins, before sinking his teeth in the exposed shoulder blade.
He then cupped Sungmin's chin and turned aside his head for catching his lips in a sensual and lascivious kiss.

"Mnhaa, you taste so good, i could never understand why your skin is so flawless and your flesh so tasty...", panted out Kyuhyun his words, not disconnecting their mouths, while his hands were pulling up the other's sweater.

Sungmin helped by lifting his arms, urging Kyuhyun to undress him faster...he missed this too much and for too long time for acting patiently.

Kyuhyun hurried to remove his own sweater, both of them eliciting a vocal sigh of relief when their bare half bodies plastered to each other.

Hungry hands were roaming frantically over Sungmin's heated chest and stomach, and humid tongue was swirling in the shell of his ear, before his ear lobe being sucked and bit...bit and sucked.

Sungmin unzipped his jeans and grabbed one of Kyuhyun's hand, shoving it in the opened fly.

"Oh, Kyu! Why only you can make me feel like this?", groaned Sungmin, parting wider his legs and throwing them over the younger's thighs.

Kyuhyun's hand squeezing and rubbing his crotch still clothed in the underwear fabric, and the other hand rolling and tugging his nipple were driving him crazy.
His head dropped back in ecstasy when the hand sneaked inside his underwear and thumb tip smeared the precum over the swollen cock head, while slender fingers were running along his length, and fondling his balls.

"I need to see your beautiful face, when you are aroused...", whispered Kyuhyun, refraining hard not to mark the married man's neck with his sucks and bites.

Sungmin laid on his back, lifting his legs, giggling like a spoiled little child waiting for his mom to undress him from his pants.
Kyuhyun who was standing down from the bed, already stripped off from all his clothes, didn't wait to be asked more and he pulled up Sungmin's jeans and underwear over his legs, throwing them on a chair.
Then he watched fascinated those sexy, smooth legs parting and slowly landing on the bed with the hard rock member standing up proudly, between them.

What? Don't i excite you anymore? Do you find that wine more inviting than me?", asked Sungmin in a hoarse voice with a tinge of disappointment when he saw the other pouring some boiled wine in the cup and slurping from it.

"Shh, wait baby, i want to show you something i learned from a movie i was watching in my lonely moments.", smiled Kyuhyun, sipping one more time from the wine and rinsing his mouth with the hot wine before swallowing.

Then he climbed up the bed and knelt between Sungmin's legs.

Sungmin didn't have to ask the maknae why he drank wine and what movie did he watch, when a heated tongue lapped the loose skin of his sack, before sucking inside his hot mouth his balls, one after another.

Hot was Kyuhyun's tongue and mouth, but hot was Sungmin's blood running in his pulsing veins, too.

"Mnhaa!", gasped the laying man when the head of his cock was sucked strongly by Kyuhyun's vacuum mouth.

Kyuhyun's fingers pinched lightly his cock's foreskin, before pulling it down and poking repeatedly with the hardened tip of his tongue the small crack from the exposed, red dick head.

"Please, Kyu!", groaned Sungmin, grabbing the sheets in his fists and arching his whole body.
Kyuhyun understood his plea and engulfed his whole length to the hilt, bobbing his head in a steady pace and adding some vibrations from his throat.

", you...", murmured Sungmin his incoherent words, till Kyuhyun released his cock from his mouth and crawled up his body for linking their lips, tongues, teeth in a hungry and wild kiss, with noisy slurps and saliva smearing their chins.

"I don't have lube, baby.", panted Kyuhyun, trying to regain his lost breath.

"Who cares about lube, i want YOU and everything related to you, even pain, if it's coming from you!", screamed Sungmin, lifting his knees to his chest and exposing his throbbing hole with no shame.

"Suck!", commanded Kyuhyun , shoving three fingers in Sungmin's willingly mouth.

It passed some times since his tight tunnel was stretched for the last time, so it was a bit of painful, especially at the third long finger curling and wriggling inside, but the love filling his heart was much stronger than that unimportant small pain.

"I missed and needed so much this!", screamed Sungmin against Kyuhyun's lips when he was penetrated slowly and carefully by the thick and long penis, and slender fingers were stroking skilfully his erection.

"Nghaaa, me, me, tooo,!", groaned Kyuhyun in the well known deep and low voice, reminding the other's about their many happy nights of making love till dawn.

The long time of longing didn't allow them to fuck slowly, so the sex was pretty rough, Kyuhyun's thrusts being deep and in a fast pace, pounding like a hammer into Sungmin's pulsing passage.

Nonetheless, every time his prostate was hit and his whole body was shaking together with the creaking bed, Sungmin was screaming from all his lungs:"Harder, faster, harder!"

Their first round from that night ended with one from the most amazing orgasm they ever had:long ropes of white semen were shooting between their stomachs, Sungmin's clenching inner walls milking Kyuhyun's member till the last drop of juice spurted inside his lover.

Yes, lover! They are allowed for calling themselves as lovers like they used to do in the happy past times... at least till the sun will arise in the morning.

"I'm so happy i will be able to see one more time, your adorable morning sleepy face and messy hair after waking up, Good night my love, and have an easy life there in the army, and in your marriage. Sleep tight and be happy, i love you!", whispered Kyuhyun in Sungmin's hair, tightening his arms around the man cuddled at his chest, after making love so many times they lost counting.


31.12.2018 two hours till midnight:

Sungmin complied to his wife's request for grooming himself and he let himself to be dragged to an unknown destination, most likely a boring new year eve party with their musical actors fellows.

"Why taking a cab and not my car?", asked he when Saeun told him to climb up the cab parked in front of their house.

"Because i don't want you to refrain yourself from drinking alcohol this night, with the reason that you have to drive the car. I want this night to be special for you, with no restrains, no limitations, only happiness and joy!"

"JOY!", echoed Sungmin her last word with a heart clench.

He got confused when the car took them out from Seoul and stopped in front of a small pension.

"Shaun, what's going on?", asked Sungmin even more confused when his wife told the cab driver to wait for her.

She stopped him from opening the front door of the pension and gave him a tight hug:
"Thank you Ming, for all these years you shared with me, i learned so much about life, about love, about myself, especially about my wrong way to understand what is important in life. You were a good husband, a perfect comrade and a great lover, it's time to let you go."

Sungmin took her face into his hands and looked into her tearing eyes:
"What? What a hell are you trying to say? Shaun, what's happening?"

"Nothing bad is happening, i promise. I'm not sad, i am just a bit of emotional...Only good things will happen from now on.
I can't take it anymore,witnessing all your pain when you left the band or your torturing memories about the man you never stopped from loving, hurt me even more than the fact i couldn't make you to love me as i wished for.
What is enough, is enough!
We are getting old, Ming. We have only one life to live, and i don't want anymore to be the obstacle in your way of getting your happiness.

I don't want to be after twenty years the cause of your regrets, it's not too late for catching the trade wind in your sails!

Go inside that room, where are waiting for you the people you love the most and whom you missed every moment spend with me for all these four years.
There is no more point to lie and hurt ourselves.
I am sorry for failing in making myself a substitute of the love of your life, i am sorry for not being able to make you forget Kyuhyun, and i am sorry for being sterile and not fulfilling your dream to have children.
Anything you will decide it will be fine to me, even if you will decide to divorce, or to remain formally in this marriage and live separate lives. I could act as a cover for a hidden life, anything will be okay to me.
Knowing your kind soul, i bet you are tempted to reject my proposal, and you would be worried about me...but do not be worried in any kind, because...Because somebody confessed to me, and i might have falling in love with him, too.

You should do the same and confess to him! Tell him the truth, tell him how much you loved him all these years and how much you still love him!
Love made me wiser, imagine me falling in love with a simple supermarket cashier...hmmm, life and love is really strange sometimes! All the goals and rules i thought i had to follow for having a perfect life, were gone on the wind when he kissed me for the first time. Now i completely understand what you had to go through, i'm sorry Ming...

And please live your life, and stop living the society's or your father's expectations! You did enough for them, it's time to do something for yourself, too!

Now, don't say anything, just go inside and enjoy your birthday party.
You don't need to hurry with your decision, take your time. Meanwhile we can live in the same house, just tell me what do you choose, the ground floor or the first floor?
This is my present for your birthday, A HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lee Sungmin, and i wish you a happy life, which you deserve it!

After giving him one last hug, Saeun opened the door and pushed the dizzy man inside the dark room.

A loud scream from a lots of lungs and a blinding light cutting the darkness of the room, startled him:


And it was really a huge surprise.
His lost friends he missed so much, all Super Junior members were there, pulling him in their arms, crumpling his suit, untying his tie and laughing like idiots at his shocked state.

"As i think you already know, Ryeowook couldn't join the party, because he was enlisted later than Kyuhyun, so he is still in the army, but he said he will make up to you as soon as he will be discharged. Happy birthday, Sungmin-ah, we miss you every day, all of us! It's time to change your stupid decision and come back to us!", said Jeong-su, smiling widely and hugging him tightly.

"Of course i know about Ryeong, he never stopped from communicating with me, but you said that all members are here...", mumbled Sungmin, his eyes suddenly going sad when they didn't find a certain person in the crowd surrounding him.

His sadness vanished instantly at Eunhae's loud scream: "The cake is coming! The cake is coming!"

Everybody began to sing the happy birthday song, and made room for the two persons exiting the kitchen and holding a huge birthday cake. Those two persons were his beloved brother, Sungjin, and the other person was the reason of his eyes going sad before , HIS KYU...

His Kyu, was there,in that room, in his heart, and will be there, in his life FOREVER!

"Make a wish and blow the candles!", said Sungjin after hugging him tightly and kissing his cheeks.

"Happy birthday, Minimin, may all your wishes to become true!", pulled Kyuhyun him in his arms, smearing his cheeks with a big amount of cream.

"You're an idiot, you know that?", smiled brightly the birthday man, the brightest smile since long time ago.

"I know, love you, too!
We are now two idiots, we were and will be two idiots FOREVER!", smiled Kyuhyun back, rubbing their cheeks together and smearing the cake cream on his own face, too.

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