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ONCE IS COINCIDENCE, .../ Chap 12 / How did you get into my life?

title: part7 / Green eyes monster
main pairing: Kyumin
side characters: Eunhae and other random characters
genre: fluff, romance, yaoismut
type: oneshots and short stories series, this is the 12th story
length: don't know yet, but it might be longer as i planned
rating: PG13 for this part 7
disclaimer: i don't own them, the plot is mine
summary: This will be a Kyumin one shot and short stories serial , some will be fluff, some will be M rated,you can figure out the theme from the title.
In the 12th story Lee Hyukjae and Lee Sungmin are two brothers living at the orphanage since they were 8 and 7 years old.Because they became adults, they were kicked out from the orphanage, and because they didn't find instantly any jobs, they needed money for food and a place to sleep.
So,they decided to pick up rich women or men and trick them to pay their dinner and to give them money for all kind of invented needs, but without sleeping with them, of course.

Both were trying hard to act normal, like the yesterday incidents never happened.

In that spirit, Sungmin wearing his oversized, worn hoodie and pink shorts, jumped on Kyuhyun's back for waking him up, next morning, the same he did in the previous mornings.
Kyuhyun pretended annoyed like in any other morning, but secretly enjoying their little daily routine.
He was secretly enjoying Sungmin's fresh mint aroma tickling his nostrils while whispering against his neck skin:"Kyuhyunnie, wake up, the coffee is ready, and you don't want to late for work."...
Enjoying the way the lively bunny was jumping on his body, no matter if he was sleeping on his back or on his stomach...
Enjoying to casually touching the smooth and warm skin of those bare legs folded on each side of his body...
Enjoying how hw was clinging like a koala at his back, when he was already sitting on the edge of the bed, and Sungmin's arms were coiled around his body...their cheeks glued together...

Yet, in that particularly morning it was floating in the air something awkward between them.
They drank their coffees and ate the breakfast in a total silence and when Kyuhyun was ready to exit the door, Sungmin just greeted him, without giving him a hug like other times.

Kyuhyun greeted back, adding:
"I will call you from the office a half an hour before coming to pick you up. Don't cook anything, we will eat with Seo in the town.
And, Min, i need you to help me for convincing her we are just friends, not what she assumed from my mother. That we are, you know..."

"Of course, Kyu, don't worry, i know what i have to do. You should focus on what you have to do! Firstly, don't forget about the flowers! Go, now, you don't want to be late, have an easy day at the office, bye!"

After Sungmin cleaned the kitchen, he took a shower and dressed himself in a white shirt and black jeans Kyuhyun gave to him, folding a bit the too long sleeves and too long pants. Agray short coat, a bit of too big for him, but still looking good, completed his outfit.
Kyuhyun was right, clothes are important when you want to make a good impression to an employer, said the blonde to himself, nodding satisfied at his reflection from the mirror.

"Good luck Lee Sungmin! Today it's the day!", he always said that, he was ready for another day of looking for a job the same as his brother.

Donghae and Kyuhyun were both in their own world while eating at the company's cafeteria in the lunch break.
The first one was smiling like an idiot, rolling absent minded the chopsticks in the food. The other one was reading eagerly a text on his phone, snapping Donghae out from his dreaming state with his loud"\So happy for you , Muffin!"

"Muffin? Yes, it would be nice to eat some muffins, but i don't think they have that in the today menu.", said Donghae focusing again on his previous activity.

"I was talking here about a person, not about food!", smiled Kyuhyun while typing back to the mysterious person with food name.

"Who's Muffin?", asked Donghae confused at his friend's sudden exultation.

"Come on Hae, think! Who can it be? Who is sweet and...fluffy, and...tasty, and..."

"I get it! So, this is how you are calling your boyfriend, lover, crush, what ever he is?"

"He is none from those, he is my flatmate and my trainer and let's say my friend. And don't dare to tell him that i called him Muffin. I call him like that only in my thoughts, and only because he looks like a vanilla muffin with his blonde hair."

"Yeah, yeah, you call him Muffin because of his hair, not because you see him like a yummy, yummy cuticake! Did you taste him yet? Of course you did, i remember he said you kissed him, and ha, ha, ha, you fell asleep like an old ajhushi in the process."

"Shut up, you idiot!", smacked Kyuhyun his friend's head. I was drunk, and for your own information, that didn't happen at the next kisses."

"Ouch! Next? Kisses? So, you two kissed again, and not just once! And you are saying he is nothing but a flatmate, trainer, friend, bla, bla, bla! Spill it out, tell me more!"

"I'm not gonna tell you anything, besides that he is not my boyfriend, lover or what ever you think he is.
As a matter of fact Seohyun came yesterday here, she waited for me after work, and gave me a ride home with her car.
We will meet again today at 7PM, so i think things are beginning to move in the right direction. I could feel that she begins to like me, from the way she was flirting and touching me. Maybe my destiny is on its way!"

"At least tell me what did he text you to make you so happy?", pouted Donghae at his friend's rejection.

"He said he got a job, he didn't had time to explain because he said he was already training. He gave me the address and told me to pick him up from there for our meeting with Seo."

"Why would you take him at your date with your DESTINY?", smirked Donghae, risking another smack on his head, avoided at the right time.

"Because it was Seo's wish to meet him, and don't you dare to ask me why! Let's eat, the break is over soon!"

Kyuhyun stopped by home after work, for taking a quick shower and changing his clothes.
He took his car and drove it to the address Sungmin gave to him. He was really curious what job did his friend find. He became even more curious, but somehow worried, too, when he read the big flashy banner from the building's front:"JOY RAINBOW". Nothing wrong with that, though, just that underside with small letters was written:"Chicks with dicks."

"Who are you? Are you the new trainee's boyfriend?", stopped him the beefy guy from the front door.

It was no purpose to explain the guy his relationship with the new trainee, so he just nodded and it was allowed to enter.

"What a fuck, Lee Sungmin?!!!", yelled Kyuhyun in the thick darkness of the big hall full of tables, but with only a single young man sitting at a table in front of a small stage. Everything was recalling him of the gay club Donghae brought him.

The man from the table turned his head at him, shushing and inviting him to his table with a short gesture.

Instead Kyuhyun propped himself at the base of the stage where were dancing lasciviously two beautiful, sexy women, sensually touching each other.
He recognized in the dark haired girl, his flatmate, wearing a long hair wig and a woman dress displaying too much skin and too much from his sexy curves, for his own good.

Kyuhyun elicited one more loud curse when the other woman groped the muffin's bubbly ass, and another horse-like woman appeared from nowhere and poked that clothed ass crack with the tip of her fingers.

He stopped at half way from jumping up on the stage when Sungmin turned to the horsie-like lady and slapped her hands yelling at her:
"I already said that i accept only Wookie to touch me!"

"I know, i'm sorry, but your ass is too tempting, it's practically screaming to be poked! Your ass will be the death of all club clients tonight! Boss, you should hire him immediately!", said the tall woman jumping down from the stage and sitting to the young man's table.

"'Okay girls, we'll take a short break, before the last round of rehearsal! Come Wookie, i need to talk something to you, and Hyunamin, i think your boyfriend is here, and he looks a bit of pissed off to me!", laughed the man seemingly to be the boss of the club, or whatever this place is.

"Oh, Kyu you're here? Let me introduce you Kim Ryeowook, who recommended me to the owner of this club for getting a job here.
He is Co Kyuhyun, my, my..."

"I am Cho Kyuhyun, his flatmate, nice to meet you, miss Kim!", nodded Kyuhyun shortly, but the rage he was feeling refrained him from shaking hands with the person who was grabbing so shamelessly Sungmin's but minutes ago.

"Can you excuse us for a moment? I would like to have a word with my, my BOYFRIEND, as i just found out he is for me, from the guard and from the boss!", said Kyuhyun to the woman, in a pretty harsh tone, to Sungmin's dismay who would never have thought his kind friend could act so impolite towards somebody.

"What's going on Kyu? Did you have a bad day at work, or why are you so upset? And why are you suddenly calling me Sungmin and not Min or Minnie like usually?", asked Sungmin after excusing themselves to the woman called Ryeowook, and inviting Kyuhyun to take a seat together at one from the tables.

"Should i call you Hyunamin now?
Do you really not understand why i am upset? Actually i am more angry than upset. Do you really want this kind of job? You ran away from that brothel and refused to be a prostitute just for becoming a dancing chik with a dick in a night club? Are you enjoying to be groped like that, will you enjoy for drunkards to salivate at your ass? What about that Wookie woman, why did you say you accept only for her to touch you, are you into this kind of persons? And why everybody is thinking i am your boyfriend?", yelled Kyuhyun, dropping angrily his butt on a chair only after finishing his long row of questions.

"Hold your horses, too many questions at one blow! Let's see!
Firstly, yes i want a job, as i already told you i am in a constant looking for a job. And Wookie was kind enough to put a good word for me to mr Kim Jongwoon, the owner of this club.
Yes i ran away from that brothel and yes i would never accept to be a prostitute or nothing near!
The only good thing about that brothel experience was that i met there Wookie who is a great person. He was the one helping me and Hyuk to escape from there.
Ryeowook was forced by that animal to work for him as a male whore, because he borrowed money from him for his mother's hospitalization.
Fortunately, some day that man lost his whore house at a poker gambling, and mr Kim became the owner of the building and the owner of the prostitutes.
He announced the boys they are free to go or to become dancers in the night club. Only dancers, waiters or guards, not prostitutes.
Meanwhile mr Kim and Ryewook fell in love with each other and married in Las Vegas.
I said i accept only for Wookie to touch me, because of two reasons, one i trust him, he is my and Hyuk's good friend, and two i trust him, he could never have pervy thoughts towards me because he is too much in love with his husband.
As for the boyfriend thingy, my Kim taught me to say that i have a boyfriend, for keeping away like that any possible proposal from the other employees or maybe clients. You saw what happened with that Choi Siwon dancer, only because he came later and didn't find out yet that i have a boyfriend.
But don't worry, you are my boyfriend only here, no danger for this information to go beyond these walls!
I hope i answered all your questions.
Now, i would like you to tell me why were you so angry about?"

"So, that Wookie person is a male, and he is married?
Of course i was angry, watching you there on stage,dancing like that in front of a... man who looked like a buyer or something, watching you touched and groped like that, and, and, and don't you think you show too much for people to see?
Even though the club clients will not be allowed to touch you, but still, ahem, i can imagine all those hungry eyes lusting over your curves, your sexy legs, your bubbly ass or your smooth skin...ahem, ahem!
Minnie, don't do this, please, ahem!", kept Kyuhyun to clear his throat, blushing till the tip of his ears and amusing Sungmin with his words.

"Kyu, i'm glad you call me again as Minnie, and i'm so thankful for your caring about me, but it's not like i will do this job my whole life, it's just a temporary way to get some money, i'm feeling like a leech, living in your house, eating your food and now you want to to buy me clothes from the money you are working so hard for it.
I want to have money for paying a rent to you and what i would suppose to do for your birthday for example, should i ask you to give me money for buying you a present? It would be ridiculous, i want my own money, from my own working!
But i also promise you that some day you will no more be ashamed to have a friend like me, don't know yet how, but this will be my first thought i will wake up with, every morning!
Oh, and i forgot to tell you that Wookie is ready to help us. I told him about your woman, and he will come with us at the meeting with Seohyun-shi as my girlfriend, so she will not think anymore that we are other than flatmates.
We will not be late, we have only 20 minutes more to rehears and we will be ready to go."

Kyuhyun stood up and grabbed Sungmin's wrist, stopping him from his track and pulling him in his arms:
"Minnie, please don't ever say again you are a leech! Didn't i tell you what is your meaning in my life? Didn't i tell you how important you are for me, didn't i tell you how much i admire you and how much i need you? How proud i am to have you in my life? If i didn't, then i will keep tell you every day!", closed Kyuhyun his declaration, bringing Sungmin's hand to his lips and kissing the back of his palm like a real gentleman kissing his lady's hand.

After being introduced to the club owner, Kyuhyun accepted his invitation to watch together the rest of the rehearsal.

"Mr Cho, are you sure you are just Sungminnie's flatmate? I know that look from your eyes, even myself don't look so mesmerized at my Wookie, and i'm deeply in love with him.", smiled mr Kim, tapping knowingly Kyuhyun's back."You don't have to be worried, though, i will take a good care of him, especially that i know about his hard life he had till now.
Anyway it's good for you to pretend you are his boyfriend, becausev he already sparked the interest of a few persons, and he didn't even have yet an audience."

Mr Kim had a good laugh at the other's alarmed look in his eyes when he asked:
"Who are those persons?
Tell them he is already taken!"


"So, you are a fitness trainer? Wow, i imagined a scary, massive man, not a cute, short, girly blondie. No wonder, Kyuhyunnie's mom fell in love with you, she always said she would have liked to have a daughter, too.", smiled Seohyun shaking hands with the boy introduced to her by Kyuhyun as his flatmate and personal trainer.

"Actually it happened to me the same. I imagined Kyuhyunnie's childhood friend as a cute, innocent, little girl, not the tall, beautiful and noble lady you are. I don't know why i assumed he likes cute things, though.", turned back Sungmin the viper bite given by the arrogant woman, whom he instantly disliked.

But his opinion doesn't matter, he needed to remember why was he here: to help Kyuhyun in getting that woman as his!

"Let me introduce to you my girlfriend, Kim Ryeowook. You will have to excuse her for not talking to you or to anybody.She suffered recently a surgery, her tonsils were removed and she isn't allowed yet to speak.", smiled again Sungmin, interlacing his fingers with his supposed girlfriend's fingers, earning a subtle eyebrow lifting from Klyuhyun.

"Hello, Ryewook-shi, glad to meet you. You two looks very good together, you are both short, both pretty and cute, really made for each other, don't you agree Kyuhyun-ah? And why didn't you tell me your flatmate has a girlfriend who can choose the clothes for him?", said the woman while shaking Ryeowook's free hand.

This time it was Sungmin's eyebrow turn to climb up at his hair line when Kyuhyun's spread hand plastered on the small of Seohyun's back, while guiding her to a couch from the branded fashion store all of them entered.
"You should wait here with Ryeowook-shi, till i will tell the staff what we are looking for. Come with me Minnie! They will need to take some measures of you."

After Kyuhyun gave his credit card to an employee for checking it out, the two men were invited in a special room where Kyuhyun took a seat in an armchair while two women were taking care about Sungmin, taking all kind of measurements in front of a huge mirror.

Kyuhyun was enjoying with amusement, but endearment, too, how the blonde was all flustered at the women's praising his beauty and his perfect, standard body measures.

After few minutes the women brought dozens of clothes from shirts, trousers, coats to jeans, fedoras, sweaters, everything Kyuhyun asked for it.

He had those much money on the credit card from long time ago, coming from a summer villa his mother sold after his father passed away, and gave the money to him.
Kyuhyun smiled at the memory of his mother's words:"Kyunnie, i don't need these money, keep it for the times you will decide to build your own family with somebody you'll love as much as your father loved me. Girls are not anymore like in my old times, they are more demanding, look for example at Seohyun, if she would ever become your wife, you will need serious money for keeping up to the high life her parents used her with."

His smile froze on his lips at the sexual way Sungmin was rolling up the t-shirt he was wearing, over his torso, then over his messy hair head...was he doing it on purpose? Was he trying to seduce him?

Kyuhyun threw this question in the void again when the woman gave to the blonde the coat from a classy suit to try it, and Sungmin dressed up the piece of clothes on his bare half body, with nothing underneath.
Even though he buttoned up the coat, the low-cut was exposing a well build chest...a very enticing chest!

"Can you leave us alone for few minutes, please?", said Kyuhyun in a husky voice, to the two women, not taking away his dark eyes from the coat's low-cut.

"Kyu, i'm so glad we are finally alone! All these things looks very expensive, and i don't want you to spend so much money! All i need is a pair of jeans and maybe a shirt on my size, now that i already have a job and i don't need anymore to dress up for jobs interviews. Kyu, what are you!", choked Sungmin in his own words when Kyuhyun's hot breath tickled his neck from behind and a finger tip traced downward slowly the middle line of his chest.

He inhaled deeply when a trembling hand cupped an squeezed gently one from his plump moobs.

"I have no idea what i am doing...mnhha...", panted Kyuhyun , converting himself into a hungry vampire by sucking onto the pulsing jugular vein and kneading frantically the other meaty moob, too.

Neither Sungmin had no idea what was happening to him, all he needed right then was to prop his palms on the surface of the huge mirror in front of him, for supporting his buckling legs.

A loud gasp escaped from between his parted lips, steaming the mirror, when sharp teeth sank into his denuded shoulder and finger tips rolled and pinched his perked nipple.

Sungmin's head felt back on Kyuhyun's shoulder under the overwhelming sensations he never experienced before, when the hand unbuttoned the coat and slid lower and lower, till it enclosed over his clothed member, pressing and squeezing lightly.

Like a bucket of cold ice water dropped over their heated heads and bodies, Seohyun's voice brought them down from highs:
"Boys, what are you two doing there for such a long time? We want to see mr Lee wearing the clothes you picked for him! The female expert jury is waiting!"

"Just a minute, don't enter, he is dressing!", managed Kyuhyun to shout in a hoarse voice, turning around the dizzy shorter man and pecking his red cheek while whispering:"I'm so sorry, Minnie, please forgive me...i really don't understand what got into me. I will go ahead and send the two employees for helping you to dress and you will come out wearing the different outfits for the girls to see you and to give their opinions. Are you okay? Once again, please forgive me!"

All what the jury, along with Kyuhyun could say, every time Sungmin was walking out from the changing room , were gasps and lots of oh my god-s.
Sungmin looked astonishing indeed, no matter he was wearing the sexy tourist outfit Kyu chose for the possibly trips they could go together, or if he was wearing a white elegant suit, or a black one, any clothes wrapped perfectly his curvy body.

Little they knew that they were not the only one watching the instant staged fashion show, but they found out when a man with a familiar figure for everybody, planted himself in front of Sungmin,measuring him from head to toes.

The stranger shoved a finger under Sungmin's chin, lifting his face and telling to another man who measured Sungmin in the same way:
"Yes, he will be perfect! I want him!"

Kyuhyun jumped up from the armchair he was sitting and slapped away the hand touching his flatmate, yelling at the intruder:
"Well, you'll not gonna have him! No matter what were you thinking about doing with him!
And who the hell are you?!"

The other man blocked Kyuhyun's arms who already clenched his fingers in the guy's collar:
"Hey, hey, chill! He is the great star Kangin! I am sure you listened at least one from his famous hits!
I am his manager, and i will explain you everything if you are calming down."

"So what if he is a great star! That doesn't give him the right to claim a person because he simple wants him! For who knows what purpose he wants him!
As i already said he can't have him, because he is already taken!", yelled Kyuhyun, almost spitting the superstar in his face while speaking, and ignoring Sungmin who was trying as well to calm him down.

Ryeowook remembered his role and came into the picture, back hugging Sungmin, but not before tapping Kyuhyun's shoulder in comforting him.

Then the so called manager talked especially to Kyuhyun who seemed to be the most problematic from all:
"Okay,we need everybody to calm down! I get it, he has a girlfriend... that might be quite a problem and mr Kim Youngwoon might not wanting him anymore!
Now, may i know who might you be, for you to speak for this quiet blonde cutie here, what ever his name is?"

"Oh my God, you, you! How can you just admit that your arrogant superstar lands his eyes on a random guy, he decides he wants him and puff,he will have it, without knowing if he would agree or if he's involved in a relationship! So it's a problem he has a girlfriend, huh? This is outrageous!
As for who i am, well, i am his manager, like you are for this, this, this...What star is he, what can he do anyway? Wrestling or what?"

The superstar who was quietly watched from aside the quarrel, reacted for the first time, reaching his both arms and pressing his strong hands over the mouths of the two loud managers, shouting in a thunder voice:
"Shut up, both of you, my head began to hurt!"

He then went to Sungmin who was pulled aside by Ryeowook at a safe distance from the two angry men, and reached his hand:
"I'm so sorry for the whole misunderstanding, it's only my own fault.
I would like to speak first with you, without our managers if you agree.
Please give me the chance to have a proper start, and let me introduce myself. I am Kim Youngwoon, and my stage name is Kangin. I am a pop singer, and i have in project to film a short movie for promoting a new song of mine. The thing is that the plot of the movie it's maybe too risky for the actors, dancers or models i tried to hire, besides i didn't even find the perfect man for the main role. This till i saw you!
Shortly, i would like to hire you for acting the main role in my video!
Before giving me your answer, can i know your name and for which model agency are you working?"

"Hello, mr Kim, my name is Lee Sungmin, and i am not a model, i am only a..."

Sungmin was quickly cut by Kyuhyun who propped himself between the two men and spoke to the singer, but this time with no anger, just smiling and shaking hands with him:
"Let me please to apologize for my hasty behavior and for taking the wrong conclusion. I am Cho Kyuhyun, his manager, and no he is not a model, YET! Not yet because with his unique beauty he can be that, when ever he wants, but he chose to be a dancer instead.
As his manager, can i know what's the risk about that plot for everybody turning you down?"

Sungmin's ears were in fire and he was swaying his weight from a leg to another, overly embarrassed at what the two men were talking about, especially when Kyuhyun praised his beauty.
While Kyuhyun was saying those words he was running his hands through Sungmin's messy hair and was pulling his head to his chest, in a protective gesture, but possessive, too.

"A dancer? Even better!
Wow, i can't believe i hit the jack pot, this only if mr Lee will agree to the contract terms.
I think it would be better for my manager to talk to you, mr Cho.
And while you two will talk business i would ask permission to mr Lee for taking a few sample pictures, to show them to my producer.
So if you agree i will call my personal make up stylist to prepare him for the shooting.", smiled the singer, making the phone call after receiving the two men's approval.

While waiting for the make up artist, Sungmin and Kyuhyun apologized to the two women waiting for them, and promised to take a nice dinner together after the photo shooting will be over.

Of course the employees were more than willing to offer their space for the exciting event happening in their store. So one of the girls sent the make up artist, the singer and Sungmin in the dressing room, while other two were helping the photographer who came together with the stylist, to arrange the ad hoc photo studio.
Even Seohyun and Ryeowook received a special attention from another employee who guided them between the store shelves, explaining them details about the dresses, shoes and other women stuffs.

The two managers took a seat at a table arranged for them in the waiting room of the store with two coffee and a folder, from where the singer's manager took out the contract and explained it to Kyuhyun, before reading the terms:
"The topic of the movie will be the romance between two same gender lovers. Two men, one an idol and the other his fan. Kangin will play himself, meaning the idol, and your cutie dancer would play the role of his fan, who will become his lover eventually.
You can figure why he was refused by actors, models to get this job. Pretending to be gay in our homophobic country it would be risky for their career, even for their whole life.
The producer has few demands for sponsoring the whole project, the video costs, the promotions, the album production, the distribution, everything! One of his request is that the role of the fan to be plaid by an actor or whatever, who would be gay in his real life, too.
He said that the reporters and fans will dig about any news related to this album release, being a sensational, hot topic, so it would look fake if the character acting in love with Kangin would be caught by paparazzi dating a woman.
That is why i said that having a girlfriend would be a big problem for mr Lee to be accepted by the producer."

"But, what about mr Kim, the producer didn't ask the same condition from him?", asked Kyuhyun listening with much interest to the manager's explanations, even though his eyes were plastered by the door of the changing room, where he would have been curious to watch what was happening there.

"Oh, that is not a problem. You really don't know anything about him, do you?
He is the only one pop korean star who had the balls to admit on a national media channel that he is gay.
He is also known as a fervent supporter for the LGBT korean movements.
This album will be released in the same concept to fight for equal rights at love, for all our country's citizens.
He is not only a talented singer, but a brave and a great character,i am very proud about my star!
Before showing you the terms, this would be mr Lee's payment", said the manager writing on a paper a number with a long string of zeros.

"If he is such a great guy, what if Sungmin will fall with him for real?", mumbled Kyuhyun in his chin, luckily not heard by the other man.

His heart leaped out from his chest when the door opened and an unknown super photo model exited from the changing room.
The way the navy suit was wrapping his curves, the way the snowy white shirt was unbuttoned loosely from two buttons, the dramatic make up consisting from a heavy black eyeliner and sparkling lip gloss,gave Kyuhyun shivers along his spine.

"Wow,amazing!The producer will be ecstatic when he will see the pictures!
So am i, and so looks Kangin, too!
You were so right, he is an unique beauty, one of a kind!", screamed the manager like a real fanboy, worrying Kyuhyun even more, especially when he saw the way the singer was looking at his photo shooting partner.

"So, what do you think we could do about that girlfriend of his?", asked the manager, trying to bring back the other in the business field.

"What girlfriend?", asked a lost Kyuhyun, his attention being all focused on the way Kangin was holding his flatemate in his arms for one of the shoots, and the way Sungmin was wrapping his arms around his shoulders, and, and...what a! Sungmin glued his cheek on the other's cheek, it's true that the photographer asked him to do so, but still!
And the way Kangin's eyes fluttered closed, when their cheeks met! Ahh, Kyuhyun didn't like it at all!

"You know, the girl he is with, in a relationship. There is no chance for the producer to give up at this condition.
I suggest you to read one more time the amount of money he would gain, not talking anymore about who knows what opportunities could bring for his career, this movie, which i am sure it will be a huge success.
He could receive dozen of offers for acting in real movies, for photo modelling, for who knows what else. And i am talking here about lots of money, not only for him but for his manager, too, trust me i know what i am talking about!
All what you have to do is to convince him to give up at his girlfriend and to find for him a virtual partner, for acting as his gay real lover."

"I can't decide for him, i will let you know his decision after i will tell him everything."

"Of course, here is my card, you can call me anytime. Meanwhile we will show the pictures to the producer, i'm sure he will be thrilled!"

"Is the producer gay, to?", asked Kyuhyun in an already strangled voice.

"Ha, ha, no, no! Mr Lee Sooman is a very rich businessman, at a respectable old age and a very straight one with a wife and children. But that will not stop him to acknowledge a piece of art when will see it.
Just like myself, though, i am happily married to a woman, but still i am amazed at this beautiful human being!"

"Anyway, are you sure it will be safe for him?
I know this star of yours is a great guy, but look at his hungry eyes roaming over my Minnie's body, and the way he is touching him!", sighed Kyuhyun, not resisting anymore to hold back his worries.

"Your Minnie? If he is safe from the way your eyes are looking at him, then he should feel same safe with Kangin, too. Can i ask you the same question , are you gay or straight? That beautiful girl is your sister or your girlfriend?"

"That beautiful girl is not YET my girlfriend, but it's what i am working for. Actually, today i was planning to ask her for a valentine date, but then this whole madness happened.", said Kyuhyun in one breath, not knowing exactly whom was he trying to convince the most, the manager or his own conscience.

"Focus, mr Lee! Look in the camera with sweetness like before, why your eyes are suddenly cold, even furious?"said the photographer to his blonde model who's attention was caught by the scene from the couch where Ryeowook and Seohyun were sitting.

He couldn't hear, but it was obvious what was going on.
Seohyun stood up from the couch. Sungmin's stomach cringed in pain when Kyuhyun dropped down in a knee in front of her, handing her a single red rose with trembling hands.

"I got tired, i need a short break!", sighed Sungmin trying not to look anymore at the way Kyuhyun's arms were wrapping the love of his life's slim waist from behind , and the way the woman was leaning her back against his chest.

What now"?!

What now that Kyuhyun got his woman, and he will not need anymore Sungmin's training?!

What now, when he might have fallen for him?!

What to do Lee Sungmin?!

Tags: artist: b, rating: pg-13, type: fanfiction
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