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ONCE IS COINCIDENCE, .../ Chap 12 / How did you get into my life?

title: part6 / Rainy day
main pairing: Kyumin
side characters: Eunhae and other random characters
genre: fluff, romance, yaoismut
type: oneshots and short stories series, this is the 12th story
length: don't know yet, but it might be longer as i planned
rating: PG13 for this part 6
disclaimer: i don't own them, the plot is mine
summary: This will be a Kyumin one shot and short stories serial , some will be fluff, some will be M rated,you can figure out the theme from the title.
In the 12th story Lee Hyukjae and Lee Sungmin are two brothers living at the orphanage since they were 8 and 7 years old.Because they became adults, they were kicked out from the orphanage, and because they didn't find instantly any jobs, they needed money for food and a place to sleep.
So,they decided to pick up rich women or men and trick them to pay their dinner and to give them money for all kind of invented needs, but without sleeping with them, of course.

It was raining so will Kyu get home? Does he have an umbrella with him? Should he call him?

Sungmin was anxiously embracing himself in front of the window, watching worriedly the black sky. He was double worried, because he was thinking about his brother's fear for thunders and lightning, too. But he couldn't call him, because Hyuk doesn't have yet a mobile phone.

A loud lightning sound startled him and flinched even harder when his phone began to vibrate on the coffee table:
"Hello, Kyu, i'm so happy you called me! I was so worried! I didn't see you getting an umbrella this morning.
I understand, you will be late, i was just ready to go to Donghae-shi's house because i'm worried about Hyuk.
All right then, i'm waiting for you if you say will go together.
But, still, it would be great if Donghae-shi would try to get home sooner, because my brother suffers from thunders and lightning phobia,i will tell you more when you'll get home.
Love you, i'm waiting for you, take care and come home safely!... My friend!"

"Love you, friend..."


After Kyuhyun informed him about what Sungmin said, Donghae managed somehow to slip out from the boring meeting with their department's leadership, and called for a cab.

Even though he was in a big hurry he still stopped by a candy store, knowing how much the red hair boy loves sweets.

A strong smell of burnt hit Donghae's nostrils when he entered the lobby of his apartment.
"Hyuk, what's going on, where are you?", panicked the man, hurrying to the kitchen.

He took away quickly the almost burned to ashes pot from the stove and threw it in the sink under a cold jet of water.
After he shut down the stove, he shouted again Hyukjae's name, panicking when it was no answer.

In the end he heard a puppy weak bark, coming from the bathroom.
Donghae found Hyujae's crouched form, crumpled on the tiled floor between the bathtub and sink, hugging tightly to his chest his squirming puppy.

"What's going on Hyukkie, what happened?", whispered Hae, kneeling down in front of the terrified boy and taking his hands after the puppy happily ran away.

The red haired boy threw himself in Donghae's arms, trembling like a leaf and soaking his shirt with rich, hot tears:
"I don't want you to die! Please, don't die and leave me like they did!"

"Shhh...i'm not gonna die and i'm definitely not gonna leave! I live here, remember? And you live here with me, so it's no way to leave you like...them.", tried the man to joke and to cheer up the still crying boy. "If you want, you can tell me who are THEY who left you...", caressed Hae the other's red locks of hair and wiped his wet cheeks, before pecking them lightly.

When he saw that the boy didn't stop from crying he whispered in his hair:
"I know what would cheer you up, i bought something sweet for you, let's go in the living room, this floor is too cold for our butts."

"Only if the lightning has stopped, the living room has windows and i don't want to see the lightning!",uttered Hyukjae the gasped words with his trembling lips.

"Even if the rain didn't stop yet, we can cover the windows with the curtains.", smiled comfortingly Donghae while helping his flatmate to get up and taking him in his protective embrace.

He sat the shuddering boy on the couch and hurried to pull the curtains together, watching worriedly the fearful and helpless expression from Hyukjae's face.

"Look, Hyuk, i found this funny box of chocolate bonbons, it's called POO-LAR BEAR, isn't this funny?", laughed Hae placing the box in Hyuk's lap.

Hyukjae whipped his red eyes and smiled at the silly white plastic bear pooping chocolate bonbons.

"Thank you Hae, i really love chocolate bonbons and i love your sense of humor, too. But i really hate when it's lightning...oh my God, now that i remember, what happened with my Boribap?", stood up hastily the boy, trying to run to the kitchen.

"Too late, burnt! But, don't worry, we can order something or maybe go out for dinner if the rain will stop. Just sit down, eat some bonbons and tell me why are you so scared about lightning, only if you want to."

"I'm so sorry, Hae, please forgive me! I'm useless, because of my fear i almost burnt your kitchen.
But don't feel any regret about the wasted meal, anyway i am a bad cook. I was usually in charge with acquiring the food and my brother was taking care about cooking it.
Kyuhyun-shi is luckier than you are, Sungminnie knows how to cook all kind of delicious dishes."

"Who cares about food? I am feeling very lucky and blessed!
I wouldn't say that Kyuhyunnie is the luckier one between us, with the whole confusion he is going through, he is not even aware of what is happening to him or what his real feelings are.
Unlike me, who knows who i am and whom i like!
But let's talk about something else, i'm listening if you're ready to tell me about your lightning fear.", smiled Donghae, wrapping an arm around the other boy's shoulder, encouraging him to speak with a light squeeze.

"Yes, i'm feeling like i want to tell you.", inhaled deeply Hyukjae, nesting himself in the other's warmness, before continuing."Me and Sungminnie loved and were very loved by our adoptive parents. They were caring and loving parents. That cursed day began with a very beautiful, sunny morning, so they decided for all of us to spend the day on a lake shore. Our father was an enthusiast fisherman, he possessed all kind of expensive fishing tools, such as a carbon fiber rod, which he used that day for fishing in the lake.
Sungminnie needed to pee, so our mother took him in some bushes nearby.
It was only me with dad when it happened...Out of the blue, the sun was gone and black clouds were gathered on the sky. Even though the rain already started, our father said he wants to launch the rod one more time because the raining time is the most favorable for catching fish.
He balanced back the rod ready to launch, but when the rod was straight up in the air, a lightning hit through the top of the rod and traveled to the man from the edge, who felt down to the ground instantly carbonized.
Mother, who saw the scene from the bushes, ran towards us,and acted irrationally. She threw herself on top of her beloved husband, maybe trying to save him somehow, Touching a man struck by lightning killed her instantly.
I will always be thankful to God that i was quick enough to block Minnie in time,from running to them..."

Hyukjae's words faded in Donghae's clothed chest.

Donghae stood up,trying to restrain his own tears, and taking the emotional man with him to the limber box from the lobby :
"Shhh, baby, i know, i know! But let me build for you some new memories related to rain. Just come with me."

Hyukjae watched confused how Donghae stretched on the floor and inflated with a foot pump, a colorful inflatable mattress, and took for both of them two pairs of rubber boots, two rain coats and two thick beanies.

The red hair boy understood the meaning of all those preparations when they arrived in the street.
Because of the intense raining, the street was partly flooded.

The passersby stopped from their rush to their homes to watch or to take pictures about the strange adult, lying on his stomach over the inflatable mattress, pretending to swim in the middle of a big puddle,and yelling:
"Come Hyuk next to me, don't be afraid! The mattress is solid enough for both of us!
We can enjoy the swimming, not a chance for drowning!"

"You're crazy! Do you want us to be arrested?", laughed Hyukjae, but nevertheless climbing the mattress next to the noisy and cheerful man.

They played like two little children, tickled and pushed each other till they felt in the water, with the mattress on top of them, laughing their asses off.

They were still laughing when they entered the lift cage, earning some annoyed looks from the old pair of neighbors.

Luckily the elders were living at the first floor, so the two drenched men remained soon alone in the lift.

"Thank you Hae, for giving me these crazy and happy memories. I will always treasure them."

"You're always welcomed.And thank you for giving me so much happiness.
Since i met you, you have turned my existence into a life.", whispered Donghae, pinning Hyukjae's body against the lift wall and cupping his soft lips in a languorous and sensual kiss.

They snapped out from the highs they were floating in,only when the lift cage stopped at their floor, so they parted quickly. But only for running hand in hand till the apartment's door which they left it unlocked.

The door was slammed to the wall, the inflatable mattress was left in a corner of the lobby, the rubber boots were thrown in the north, south, west and est of the living room, the wet clothes were flying all over, Hyukjae's shirt landing on the tv screen.

Their hands were exploring feverishly each other's bared half bodies while their lips were sucking, teeth were biting, and legs were walking clumsily to the bedroom.

Donghae grabbed Hyuk's thighs, lifting impatiently his legs around his waist...he was dying for more physical contact, even though they were still wearing the heavy soaked jeans.

They didn't stop from kissing not while Hae was carrying the other like that, not when his knees hit the edge of the bed, not even when they felt on the bed, gasping in the kiss.

"Hyuk, i need and i want you!
I know that you said we should take things slowly and we never passed by the BJ stage, but i need more, because...because...i think i fell in l..."

"Shhh, no need for saying such big words. At least not yet. I want to hear that from you, only when you are absolutely sure about your feelings, not only about your needs and desires.
But as i already said,i am very thankful for making me forgetting about sad times and for making me feel so good and happy. Thank you, and yes, i need you, too."

"I'm glad i took away your bad memories. Always tell me when you are sad and what can i do to make you happy!"

"Can i tell you now, even though i am not sad?...I would like fucking!", smiled innocently Hyukjae, while tracing the back of his fingers along the other's chest and abs.

Donghae needed a few seconds for recovering from the shock...a pleasant shock, though.
He finally closed his agape mouth and began to work at their jeans buttons and zippers with trembling hands:
"Hyuk, are you top or bottom?"

"Ahhh, i don't kn...what ever, both, don't know...mnhhh...", moaned Hyukjae at those wet lips sucking his neck skin and fingers sneaking inside his boxers.

"Oh, so you're both, you're versatile. Glad to hear that, because i am a versatile, too.", murmured Donghae while licking around an erect nipple, before tugging it with his sharp teeth.

"Yes i am versatile as hell, i am multitasked and i'm good in dancing, but many sports, too. Oh, i can sing, too!",panted Hyukjae, arching his body in pleasure.

Donghae lifted his head and looked amused at the squirming man from under him:
"That's not what i meant. I was talking here about fucking, as you expressed yourself.
I suppose you don't know if you are a top or bottom, because you're a i right?"


Kyuhyun was just about to exit the company's building when a hand sneaked under his arm, stopping him from his track:
"Seohyun? What , why, what are you doing here?"

"Hello, Kyuhyun-ah, long time no see! Obviously, i was waiting for you.
Come on, don't stand there like a statue,let's go!
It's still pouring outside, your mom said that usually you don't take your car to the office, so i will give you a ride."

"My mom?", asked Kyuhyun still in shock at the surprising visit.
She never paid attention to him, never called him, never looked for him, much less to visit him at his working place. Not talking anymore about the way she was touching him! Her hand nesting in his palm, asking to be held, and her left boob pushed against his arm!

"Yes, your mom. I met her at a hair saloon, and she told me how happy she is that finally you have somebody in your life. Who would have thought?"

"No, no, Seo, you, i mean, my mom got it wrongly, Minnie is just my flatmate and my... trainer!"

"Minnie? Trainer?"

"I mean Sungmin, his name is Sungmin! And he is a , a, a fitness trainer..."

"Kyuhyunnie, calm down, you don't have to be so disturbed and defensive, i am your childhood friend, i would never judge you! Just that it took me by surprise and made me curious.
I would really like to meet this Minnie of yours, your mom said she likes him very much.A fitness trainer...hmmm, i would have never expected it from you...hmmm..."

"No, Seo, please believe me, Minnie, i mean Sungmin, is just a new friend."

"So, are you busy right now, can i meet him?"

"Actually, we are a bit of busy right now. Minnie's brother needs him, and i have to give him a ride for visiting his brother. But you can meet him tomorrow, we scheduled a clothes shopping session."

"You? Shopping session? Who are you? I'm even more curious about the guy who changed you so much!"

"It's not for me, i need to buy some clothes for him, i mean..."

"I get it what you mean...", laughed the girl winking at the bewildered Kyuhyun who forgot even how to open the car door.

"I would like to meet you two, tomorrow,you know how much i like shopping, i even could help in choosing fitting clothes for him!", clapped excitedly the girl, before starting the engine.

Kyuhyun went completely silent the whole short car riding, to his home.
He knew he was in deep shit! Now, what kind of chances does he still having with the love of his life?

After Seohyun dropped him in front of his block, he stood there,a few minutes under the cold rain, reflecting at...nothing...His brain and his whole being was confused and angry at...have no idea at what was he angry!

When he entered the apartment, his flatmate's beautiful face welcoming him with that annoying bright smile and his warm embrace, was the last thing his heart needed in the disturbed waters he was struggling in,right then.

"Kyu, you're here! Look at you, you are soaked! You should take a hot shower till i will warm your dinner, i hope you'll like my special recipe, it's my personal creation! Hyuk loves it and a chef where i worked once praised me, and..."

"Could you shut up sometimes? You give me nothing but head aches with your constant blabbering!
You don't have to tell me to take a shower! You're not my mother, nor my wife, nor... Actually you are nothing, but...the cause of all my troubles!", snapped Kyuhyun pushing away the startled boy's arms from around his waist.

Kyuhyun regretted in the very next moment his burst out, gulping at the sight of those hurt doe eyes shinning now not from lively happiness, but from hot tears.

Sungmin's faded voice, whispering:"I'm sorry, Kyu, i'm so sorry! I will fix that!", was like a knife stabbing his guilty heart.

He reached a hand to wipe the tears rolling down the puffy cheeks he adores so much, trying to crack a smile:
"No, Minnie, you have done nothing bad, i am the one who's sorry.
You shouldn't mind me, i just had a bad and long day at work,and on top of that a bad thing happened related to Seohyun. Please, forget and forgive my stupidity!"

"No, Kyu, you are not stupid, actually you are the most intelligent person i have ever met. Better saying you were mean, not stupid. Maybe you're right, i'm not any good for your life, but as i said i can fix that."

"What do you mean, you can fix that? Minnie, what are you planning to do? I already said that i'm sorry! Please Minnie, let me in!", yelled Kyuhyun, punching desperately the door of Sungmin's room, where he locked himself.

Kyuhyun crouched in front of the door and listened for a time at the muffled crying and the rustling sound, indicating that the blonde might packing his clothes.

"Please, Minnie, where are you going? It's still raining outside, please let's talk!", tried Kyuhyun to stop the hasty boy who was already in front of the lift, pressing nervously the calling button.

Kyuhyun managed to enter the lift cage and to grab the small suitcase from the blonde's trembling hands.

"Kyu, go back, you are drenched and you will catch a cold. I'm going for looking for my brother, and don't worry about me, i'm a tough guy!
Please don't feel guilty or bad about anything, maybe someday we could become friends, maybe someday i would be able to make you proud of me. Right now i am just a big nothing, you are absolutely right! But, Kyu, i promise to try everything for changing this fact, and when i will do that, i will look for you and ask for your friendship!"

"From all the words my stupid mouth uttered , i will repeat only two, SHUT UP!
Shut up and listen to me! You are nothing close to NOTHING to me! How can you be nothing when you changed my whole life, my whole being, my whole heart? Please, Minnie, all i want from you, besides your forgiveness is to give me some more time for me to get along with this changed myself! I desperately need you to help me in understanding and knowing myself. Please, stay with me!"

When the lift reached the ground floor, Kyuhyun sighed in distress watching Sungmin exiting and heading to the exiting door.
But he calmed a bit when the blonde said:
"Okay, but now i still want to go to Hyuk and see with my own eyes how is he feeling."

"All right, wait here, i'm going up to take the car keys and we will go together. Give me your suitcase, and Minnie, i thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I promise i will make up to you for hurting you like that!", yelled Kyuhyun, earning some suspicious looks from the old woman entering the hall, especially when he lifted the shorter boy in his arms and pecked loudly his cheeks.

Sungmin was sitting on the back seat of Kyuhyun's car, wondering where did he run again,telling him to wait a few minutes. At least he took an umbrella with him.

He was back in few minutes indeed, with a small bouquet of pink roses:
"Sorry, it's all they had at this late hour, the roses have no long stems, they had only these buds, but at least they are pink. But why are you sitting on the back seat and not here next to me?"

"Kyu, you hate flowers and find them useless!
I sit here, because i am still a bit upset, and when i am upset i need to be by myself.
But thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful and mnhaa, smell so good."

"I already said that you changed my life, the old Kyuhyun hated flowers, but not the new, changed Kyuhyun. Especially the pink roses, Minnie's favorite.
Okay, sit there,i will not push you in any way, take your time in forgiving me, but don't be upset anymore, and please give me one from your beautiful smiles."

"You cheesy bastard, i trained you well, i bet Seohyun will be delighted to hear your words. Speaking of her, what bad things did you say happened today, related to her?"

"It was nothing, i fixed a meeting tomorrow with three of us."

"A meeting, not a date? And why all three of us and not just two of you?"

"Actually she wants more to meet you, than me."


Kyuhyun didn't know what to answer, so he changed the topic:
"I should call Hae to tell him we are on our way."

After talking the phone with his friend , Sungmin noticed that they were riding the same streets in circles:
"Kyu, what's happening, why are we wasting time and not go at Donghae's home? I hope everything is all right with Hyuk! Tell me the truth!"

"Min, Min, don't panic, everything is all right with your brother, as a matter of fact everything is all right with both of them. Just that Hae asked me to be late one more hour, i suppose you figure out why.", smiled Kyuhyun looking in the rearview mirror at the blushed and embarrassed cutie.

His eyes remained glued by that enticing image, luckily the car was waiting for the traffic lights changing, so Kyuhyun didn't need to focus on the road.

"Is this where Donghae-shi is living?", asked Sungmin when the driver pulled the car in a small outdoor parking lot.

"Yes, but we will wait in the car for awhile. I need to drink some water, are you hungry or thirty? There is a small store behind the corner. What do you want me to buy for you?", asked Kyuhyun opening his car door.

"Water it's fine, take the umbrella with you!", yelled Sungmin, but Kyuhyun was already running under the still heavy rain.

"Can i sit here, next to you? I didn't buy sandwiches, just some peanuts, because i want to eat that dinner you promised me, when we'll get home.", said Kyuhyun climbing the back seat of the car, after he got back from the store.

They munched peanuts in silence for awhile, till Sungmin threw playfully a peanut in Kyuhyun's cheek.

"Do you realize that this was our first fight? We fought like two...two idiots...two best friends, or...", laughed Sungmin when Kyuhyun collected the peanut from his shirt, where it felt, and shoved it in the mouth.

"Or like two lovers fighting for the first time...", whispered Kyuhyun, turning aside and staring at the other's perfect profile.

"Yes, like two lovers.
You, know, sometimes i feel envious about Seohyun-shi, even though i don't even know her. But it's enough to know you, you will be a great boyfriend and husband for the lucky one.", smiled Sungmin returning the other's stare, while touching lovingly his cheek.

Kyuhyun took the hand from his cheek and planted a lingering kiss in the soft palm:
"No greater than you. The one loved by you , will be the luckiest person from the universe, only your smile will be enough to brighten up anybody's life. Lee Sungmin, you are the most beautiful human being i ever met, from all points of view, not only physically.
I feel blessed that i met you...atchoo, atchoo!", sneezed Kyuhyun loudly, spitting munched peanuts crumbs all over Sungmin's face, and ruining pathetically the romantic moment.

He desperately tried to wipe the crumbs from Sungmin's cheek with his hand and the back of his sleeve, keep apologizing, especially when the blonde almost choked from laughter.

"Don't worry, Kyu, don't apologize, i still consider your future lover as the luckiest person. You are not at all the cold, insensitive man i met for the first time. You really know how to charm someone, and how to be romantic."

"I'm so sorry Minnie.
Yeah, i am romantic like hell,spitting you like that. I am so romantic that i think i will end marry myself!", pouted Kyuhyun, still wiping the other's cheeks which already became red from the too much rubbing.

His eyes enlarged at the size of two tennis balls at Sungmin undressing his pink sweater:
"Wha, what...what are you doing?"

"Leaving the joking aside, you sneezed! I told you, you are drenched, you walked the whole day in that cold rain, i'm sure you already caught a cold.
I don't care that i'm not your mother, nor your wife, nor nothing, but remove those wet shirt and coat of yours and take this sweater. It's old and worn, but at least it's thick and warm."

"Yes, mom, or wife, or whatever! I like for you to take care of me, thank you, but what about you?", smiled Kyuhyun complying to his demanding friend and taking the sweater.

"I have this t-shirt, and as i told you, i am a tough guy, i am used with all kind of situations, it's not like i will die from coldness. What are you waiting for, put the sweater, you will get sick staying like this, half naked.", said Sungmin, his voice fading at the sight of the other man's lean body muscles moving slightly under the pale, smooth skin.

"I have a better idea, we could both share the warmness of your sweater. Don't worry if it will be over stretched, anyways i planned to shop for you new clothes , tomorrow.", smiled Kyuhyun, pressing Sungmin's body against his bare chest and pulling the sweater over their heads. Luckily the sweater was endowed with a low cut neck and few buttons, which flew all over of course when the two big heads forced themselves outside.

"Kyu, i love so much this crazy side of you! Thank you for allowing me into your life, forgive me if i ever upset you and i...i love you!", whispered Sungmin , pecking unconsciously the column of Kyuhyun's neck and running his hand up and down on his bare back.

Kyuhyun's shivers didn't go unnoticed by the shorter boy who tightened his embrace, worried again that his friend was feeling cold.

"I love you, too, but if you will keep touching, hugging and kissing me like this i will ask you for more.", groaned Kyuhyun, breathing deep into Sungmin's sweet scent.

"For more? What do you mean?"

"You said we had our first fight, so it would be normal to have our first make up, too.", murmured Kyuhyun sneaking his hands under Sungmin's t-shirt and savoring the softness of his skin.

"Ahhh, what do you mean?", moaned Sungmin, pulling away the stretched sweater from their heads and sighing relieved he could move freely his hands all over the other's body.

"Let's make up beautifully, after this ugly fight we had. Make out with me...", spoke Kyuhyun in a hoarse voice, laying Sungmin's back on the cushions and straddling over him.

"Yeah, why not? It could be considered like a training lesson...ahh!", gasped Sungmin when he felt sharp teeth sinking in the flesh of his neck, followed by a hungry suck and a suave tongue sweep.

Kyuhyun's lips took their time to explore as much as they could from the tasty skin, till his flatmate's delicious, bow shaped lips were finally engulfed in his over heated cavern.

Sungmin's brain was emptied by worries for Kyuhyun not to catch a cold, by asking for a meaning to make out with his friend, by any other reasonable thoughts...he just let himself carried by the blissful sensations the other's lips were giving to him.
He enjoyed the way Kyuhyun's muscles were rolling under his fingers, the way Kyuhyun was moaning when he was massaging his scalp and pulling his hair.
But the most he enjoyed the way Kyuhyun was kissing him: with a mix of ardor,tenderness,hunger, passion

He couldn't afford to do this to himself!
He couldn't be delusional!
He couldn't fall in love with his friend!
His friend is in love with that woman, and he, Lee Sungmin is here only for helping his friend to get his woman!

The phone ringing brought them down from their clouded highs at the right time.
Donghae announced that they were expected.

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